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Opossum Trapping and Control

Opossums (or "possums") are odd-looking animals whose behavior and habits are highly variable depending on their environments. They're also the only marsupials native to North America. They're harmless in the wild, but can create quite a big mess if they get inside a home or other human-occupied building.

Opossums are perhaps most famous for their habit of "playing dead" when threatened. But it's not really "playing." Feigning death (technically called thanatosis) is an involuntary reflex action that's not under the possum's control. They also give off an odor that resembles meat that's begun to rot to discourage predators from eating them. This is also involuntary on the opossum's part.

Despite their clumsy- and sluggish-looking way of walking, opossums are arboreal by nature. They're good climbers and have excellent balance. But they're also among the most adaptable of animals, so we find possums in basements, crawl spaces, and garages as often as we find them in attics and soffits. They also get into chimneys, and sometimes they'll even build nests inside wall and ceiling voids. In other words, they'll live pretty much anywhere. They're easy to please that way.

Opossums' diets are also very varied. They're omnivores whose tastes tend to lean toward small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, but they'll eat pretty much anything. They're especially fond of pet food, which is very often the reason they're attracted to a house in the first place. Pet food or pet feeding dishes in a garage are practically an invitation for possums to come in; and once they get inside, they may decide that they like your place better than their place and move in.

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