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Mouse Extermination and Control

A lot of people believe that mice, unlike their larger cousins the rats, are harmless -- or even cute. That they are commonly depicted as such in movies, cartoons, and comic strips just adds to their lovable, cuddly reputation.

Unfortunately, all that is a myth. The reality is that mice are filthy animals who transmit serious diseases, and their gnawing causes millions of dollars in property damage -- as well as some lost lives -- every year. Mice do not belong in houses or other buildings occupied by humans. Period.

Let's look at some stark realities about mice:

Maybe mice are not so cute and harmless, after all.


Mouse Biology

Mice are small, slender, timid animals. They have keen senses of smell, hearing, balance, and scent, but rather poor vision. They tend to travel by scent and by feeling their way along vertical surfaces like walls, and they seek out small holes and secluded areas where they will be safe from predators.

Mice can also travel along suspended wires, pipes, and other narrow walkways, can climb vertical surfaces, can swim when necessary, and can jump impressive heights for such small animals.

Mice are herbivores by nature and prefer plant-based foods like cereal grains, chocolate, nuts, fruits, and foods made from these items. They also will eat pet food and animal feed, plant and lawn seeds, and some houseplants. Although they don't require free water in their diets, they will drink it if it is readily available.

Because mice are small, timid, and secretive, quite often we see evidence of a mouse problem before we see the mice themselves. Most commonly, mouse droppings, nesting materials, or evidence of their gnawing are the first visible signs of a mouse infestation.

Like rodents in general, mice have extraordinary reproductive capabilities. If you don't take care of a mouse problem while it's still small, chances are you'll have a very big mouse problem not very far in the future.


Getting Rid of Mice -- For Good

The old adage about getting rich by "building a better mousetrap" isn't far from the truth. Humans have been trying to rid their homes, barns, and businesses of mice for thousands of years. There have been hundreds of products invented to control mice. At Buckingham Pest Control, we solve each mouse problem individually. Depending on the situation, our methods may include consultation about sanitation and exclusion, trapping, baiting, or exclusion. In many cases, a combination of several methods may be used; and in some cases, both interior and exterior treatments will be needed.

In all cases, however, we try to incorporate non-chemical methods such as exclusion and habitat modification to minimize our use of chemical rodenticides while providing a more permanent mouse control solution.


Choosing the right exterminator

If you're having problems with mice or have seen evidence of mice, contact us to speak to a professional exterminator and receive an individual assessment and professional recommendations for eradicating your mouse infestation. Buckingham Pest Control serves the Greater St. Louis, Missouri area.